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Own Farming

Own Farming

Own Farming

We started as an agricultural based company, located at Parit Sulong, Batu Pahat, Johor since 1986. Eventually, with continuously expansion and currently we have 500 acres of land for the cultivation of Durian with more than 20 clones. Beside durians, Top Fruits also cultivated tropical fruits like mangosteen, banana & jackfruits.

Our durian farm is awarded with MyGAP certification, a recognition for stringent quality control in agricultural produce and also awarded by the SALM (Farm Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia) certificate, a recognition for strict quality control in agricultural products.

Our farm practice by using balance organic and chemical fertilizer to have a good quality produce of fruits with tasty pulp that meets the highly market demand for good and healthy fruits. Our durian trees are over 30 years old and produce high-grade quality durian such as D-197 (Mao Shan Wang), D200, D24, D13, D101 and Kim Hong. Top Fruits is a fast-growing exporter of various tropical fruits and pioneer in Frozen Durian & Pineapple exporters in the region.

Modelling Farming

We started with traditional farming method, to all the way developing our own modern farming approach for durian. With modern farming approach we had managed to have consistent durian quality and high yield. The planting to fruiting period also shorten to 4-5 years.

Systematic – Planting positions are drawn systematically. Infrastructure and irrigation will also be planned before planting.

Planting – Grafting method will be used to graft difference varieties of Durians. Only those that are genuine and well quality durian seedlings will be used

Monitoring – We will monitor the growth data of durians tree continuously, to optimize the best growing cycle.

Recording data and analysis – With this, it can significantly enhance precision soil, the leaves moisture and the irrigation practices. From the data, it can identify the various components available to either get started or develop complete smart irrigation system based on the soil moisture conditions. This will ensure optimal growing condition for the plants or green space using the least and enough water possible as well as nutrition that is necessary for the plants.

Auto Irrigation system – Water is an important factor to promote growth and development of the flower buds, blooming, fruit set, fruit growth and maturity. This system is efficient in managing water supply properly during the durian reproductive stage, to achieve high yields of good quality fruits. With this system, it can help to avoid uneven water supply during the durian flowering season.

“Smart Farming” with Smart, Professional and Efficient Farm Management

Top Fruits commercial farms is utilizing modern IoT solutions for better farming application, to help enhance team productivity. Smart farming is a management concept focused on providing the agricultural industry with the infrastructure to leverage advanced technology – including big data, the cloud and the internet of things (IoT) – for tracking, monitoring, automating and analysing operations.

The feature of Internet of Things (IoT)

• Soil Sensor – Soil sensor is to monitor temperature and pH level.

• Sensor – EC sensor & NPK sensor to monitor the fertigation.

• Weather Predication – To monitor and forecast weather. To manage the irrigation system for tree’s water supply based on the data automatically.

• Worker activities tracking sensor – To monitor the worker’s performance based on the activities assigned

• Advanced Irrigation System – Using the world’s most advanced irrigation systems “Netafim”, providing daily irrigation regularly with adequate water supply to optimize the growth of the trees.

• The Durian Big Data and Smart Recognition System – Each durian tree will be tagged individually with GPS positioning and QR code to monitor its growth history, including growth progress and health report.

Top Fruits Durian Nursery

Furthermore, we have our owned nursery hub located in Batu Pahat, Johor. Our nursery adopts MyGAP system in planting and grafting technique to ensure of quality and trustworthy on our seedling originality. We are using the bud from mother plant from mature fruiting tree to generate good DNA in its seedling plant. We provide daily watering and fertilizing application as well as constant seedling treatment.

Our nursery being certified with “Scheme Pengesahan Bahan Tanaman” by DOA and MyGAP – Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices, to ensure genuine clone of durian seedling.