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Durian Plantation Management

Our Plantation

Our plantation spans over 500 acres producing the king of fruits, Durian ranging from more than 20 clones & tropical fruits native to South East Asia.

Durian Plantation Management

At Top Fruits, we believe in a holistic approach to durian cultivation. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with plantation owners to develop customized strategies that optimize every aspect of their plantation, from planting to harvesting and distribution. We integrate smart and precision farming techniques with cutting-edge technologies to ensure exceptional results.

Our Specialization


    1. Pre-Development

      1. Topography

      2. Soil Test Analysis

      3. Water Source Analysis

    1. Planting Management

      1. Land Preparation (Terracing, Lining, Holing, Planting

      2. Planting Technique

      3. Planting Design

      4. Set up of Nursery Centre

    1. Water Management

      1. Irrigation Design

      2. Irrigation System

    1. Management Control

      1. Cost Control

      2. Procurement (Fertilizer, Foliar Fertigation)

    1. MyGAP

      1. Compliance to MyGAP

      2. MyGAP certification

    1. Agronomist Management

      1. Pest & Disease Control

      2. Fertilizer & Foliar Control

      3. Effective Microorganism (EM) control

      4. Environment Control

    1. R&D



  • Topography
  • Soil Test Analysis
  • Water Source Analysis

Planting Management

  • Land preparation (Terracing, Lining, Holing, Planting)
  • Planting Technique
  • Planting Design
  • Set up of Nursery Centre

Water Management

  • Irrigation Design
  • Irrigation System

Management Control

  • Cost Control
  • Procurement (Fertilizer, Foliar Fertigation)


  • Compliance to MyGAP
  • MyGAP certification

Agronomist Management

  • Pest & Disease Control
  • Fertilizer & Foliar Control
  • Effective Microorganism (EM) control
  • Environment Control


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