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Our Story

Top Fruits is not just a durian plantation and consultation company; we are a dedicated partner in the entire agribusiness value chain. Specializing in durian manufacturing, supplying, trade, and exportation, our passion lies in introducing the exquisite flavours of Malaysian tropical fruits, particularly Musang King durians, to the global market.

The Story of
Top Fruits

Our Process

Towards A Sustainable Journey

 Our ultimate goal is to establish Top Fruits as a globally recognized Malaysian brand,
showcasing the rich heritage and unmatched quality of
Malaysian durians worldwide.

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Our plantation spans over 500 acres producing the king of fruits, Durian ranging from more than 20 clones & tropical fruits native to South East Asia.

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To ensure health & steady yields year after year, our seedlings are developed in the nursery, employing the grafting method, monitoring & recording data we obtain from the plants.

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We employ smart farming methods powered by IoT solutions and more than 3 decades of experience to get fruitful and high-quality yields.

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All our factories are strategically located close to the fruit plantation, ensuring raw material harvested from the farm can be effectively transported to factory to maintain freshness.

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Our handpicked products meet international demand standards as we ensure stringent quality manufacturing with high-tech state-of-art facilities.

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Experienced in exporting our own brand & OEM products to more than 20 countries.

Our Products

From Plants to Product

Whole Durian

In Top Fruits, we strive to deliver the best and most fresh durians to our consumer.

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Frozen Durian
Seed Pulp

Introducing the RTE(Ready-To-Eat) Durian packs. Using blast frozen treatment process.

frozen durian

IQF Frozen
Whole Durian

As one of our core exportation product, we handle our process with utmost care.

Our Services

Bring out the
Best of Freshness

Modelling Farming

Our farm practice by using balance organic and chemical fertilizer to have a good quality produce of fruits with tasty pulp that meets the highly market demand for good and healthy fruits.

Durian Nursery

We have our owned nursery hub located in Batu Pahat, Johor. Our nursery adopts MyGAP system in planting and grafting technique to ensure of quality and trustworthy on our seedling originality


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