Our Story

We begin in 1986 as an agricultural paradise business located at Batu Pahat, Johor and owned one of the largest Durian farm in Malaysia. Beside Durian, we also plant other tropical fruits like Mangosteen, Rambutan & Jackfruit. Our Durian farm is awarded MyGAP (Malaysia Good Agriculture Practice) certification, a recognition for stringent quality control in agricultural produce.

We’re utilizing organic fertilizer widely on durian tree. The durian tree aged more than 20 years with wide range varieties such as D-197 (Mao Shan Wang), Golden Pheonix, Kim Luang (Khanghai), D101, D88, D13, D24 and etc.

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Our Products

Fresh Whole Durian

In Top Fruits, we strive to deliver the best and most fresh durians to our consumer by...

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IQF Frozen Whole Durian

As one of our core exportation product, we handle our process with utmost care.


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Frozen Durian Seed Pulp

Introducing the RTE(Ready-To-Eat) Durian packs. Using blast frozen treatment process,...

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Frozen Durian Seedless Pulp (Frozen Durian Paste)

Top Fruits is pioneer in frozen durian seedless manufacturer & exporter. We cater pure durian...

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Our Video

CCTV 台标版—探寻马来西亚顶好猫山王榴莲

完整版【916特备节目 嘉宾畅谈榴梿北漂历险记】

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