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Durian Freeze Dried

Durian is known as the "king of the fruit" around the world because of its unique taste and high demands. In our Gold Thon freeze dried durian, we srtive our best to preserve most of its original characteristics, flavour, taste, texture, and nutrients of the fruit. We use durian pulps without adding any additives and preservatives to retain the quality and authenticity of durians. Gold Thon also utilize modern technology like lyophilized to lock-in durian's protein, vitamins and high fibre zero cholesterol and keep it freshness, which made it an ideal for healthy green food for all.

Net Weight :
60 g / pack

Inner Packing :
Aluminum foil packaging

Outer Packing :
Composite bag Zipper standing bag (MOPP+AL+PE)

Shelf life :
12 months

Storage Temperature :
Dry & room temperature

Lead Time :
3 - 5 weeks

Varieties :
D197 (Musang King)
D200 (Black Thorn)
D24 (Sultan King)
D198 (Golden Phoenix)
D208 (Ganghai)
D13 (Golden Bun)
D160 (Tekka)