Durian Nougat

Durian is known as the "king of the fruit" in the tropics, with its unique taste and loved by most cravers. Fine handmade relishes Gold Thon snacks by providing and retaining the original flavors of durian. Every bite discovers the next level of delight from durian.

Gold Thon went all the way out to Taiwan, the heart of Nougat just to appoint a professional Nougat chef to specially produce this product. Durian Nougat even have the crunchy almonds that make the nougat much chewy!

Net Weight :
125 g / pack

Inner Packing :
PU Poly Bag

Outer Packing :
Composite bag Zipper standing bag (MOPP+AL+PE)

Shelf life :
12 months

Storage Temperature :
Dry & room temperature

Lead Time :
3 - 5 weeks