IQF Frozen Whole Durian

Frozen Whole Durian (AA4)
Weight / Fruit
1.5kg - 2.5kg
-18 °C
Shelf Life
18 Months
Health Certificate
5-7 Units / Styrofoam
10kg / Styrofoam
Mode of Shipment
Ocean / Air Freight
[01] D197 - Musang King
[02] D200 - Black Thorn
[03] D24 - Sultan King
[04] D198 - Golden Phoenix 
[05] D202 - Ganghai
[06] D101 - MAS
[07] MDUR88

Categories: Frozen Fruits Series

Top Fruits Frozen Whole Durian is utilizing the latest technology of blast-frozen treatment can effectively preserved the taste, moistures and quality of the fruits. These treatment also increase the fruits resistant against oxidization activity and prolong its lifespan to one year under frozen temperature of -18oC. To consume, leave it in chilled temperature for 5-6hrs, open the crust and remove the durian pulp and ready to consume. Today, Top Fruits make possible for durian lover to enjoy Malaysia Durian at any destination in the world.